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Mullum Mullum Creek

A project completed in November 2016 by CopeAG with the assistance of Membrey’s Crane Hire and overseen by Manningham Council. This video shows the first part of the construction of the Mullum Mullum Trail, Stage 3, and is part of the missing link in the bike path which will eventually stretch from the City of Melbourne to Frankston. CopeAG are putting in 4 bridges to go across the Mullum Mullum Creek in Vermont, as well as the actual construction of the paths connecting each of these.
This is the first of the 4 suspension bridges and was the most complex, as access was difficult in getting the span in while protecting the environment and the cultural diversity of the area. The video certainly shows this complexity with 2 cranes slowly bringing the beam down a narrow L shaped pathway constructed of crushed rock and sleepers to protect the area, while having to avoid overhanging tree branches and the trees themselves It also shows the workers’ experience with the way the beam was lifted onto the gantries which had already been put in place on both sides of the Creek.
All in all, a job really well done and documented in a novel way by drone video as a lasting memento for the local council and the bridge construction and crane hire companies, You too, could also experience this different way of having a memento of work and to be able to put it onto your website to showcase your experience in getting the job completed to a high degree. Contact Another Dimension to discuss your needs for this type of work,

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