Another Dimension

Forgotten Memories

This tyre graveyard and many other “graveyards” including old cars, farm equipment or, for that matter, anything that most of us consider to be junkyards and eyesores are, in fact, canvasses of beauty when photographed in the right mood, and from the right angles.

You might be able to get the right mood, but you can’t get the right angles and the best right moods unless you have a drone.

You will see in these photographs that the right mood and angles have been captured to show these memories off like many would never have imagined.

Have you got a junkyard or eyesore that is taken for granted? Why not realise its full potential?

You could be the owner of a new “Gold Mine”

See your junkyard or eyesore from Another Dimension and have a whole new appreciation for it again.

We would love to capture your moments in aerial shots

We are photographers with a real passion for photography. We have been in the photographic industry for around 35 years and we have progressed to another level to add Another Dimension to your world.